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Why I decided to become a Life Coach

Welcome to my site.

Like for most of us, life wasn't easy for me. I grew up in a dysfunctional family where the only things I understood were mind games, extreme violence and emotional abuse. I suffered in silence and found it hard to trust others. So called friends were all too happy to manipulate me and throw me under the bus. I really had no one to turn to. I lived in constant anxiety, depression and self hatred. I thought about committing suicide at various points but chickened out. Life just seemed painful and pointless.


Life was cruel but I was able put a stop to the madness. Now in my thirties and after much soul searching have I come to recognise the absolute truth. How the extreme emotional, mental and physical abuse had actually poisoned my life. I was the scapegoat and punchbag because of my sensitive and empathic nature. People took advantage of my natural submission and attempted to brainwash me into believing it was all deserved! It was sheer nonsense but what was even more disturbing was that for a long time I accepted these terrible lies. After conquering my own personal stuggles, I feel ready to bring truth and help to others.


So what's with the 'intuitive' and 'healing' part?

I learned so much about human psychology through books, videos, courses and everyday life. I consider my life as just one big experiment! However there was a spiritual side to me that I couldn't ignore; I would have premonitions, moments of clairvoyance and could assess people's motives without them even uttering a word. The trouble was that I was afraid of this side of me. I felt that the 'information' was coming from some dark source when really it was just my higher self. Beneath all the emotional damage and false beliefs is our subconscious operating at a much faster level than our brains can keep up with. Ever had a strange feeling about someone or that something was about to happen and it did? That's the feeling I'm referring to. 

I became obsessed with 'The Secret' and the laws of attraction. However, I have since learned that that it's not so much about what we think but what we feel that creates alchemy around us. All of us are like magicians of our own universe. No matter how hopeless one's situation is, quick turn arounds can and do happen! It's just a matter of will, patience and having the right tools!

As much as I love magic and mysticism, I also live in the real world too and thus my approach is extremely logical  There will no burning of 'bad luck' candles or spell castings (each to their own); just getting to the bare bones of the situation, providing answers and practical solutions.

And when I refer to healing, its the 'Eureka' moment of realising the full extent of a problem and having that shift in one's mindset from suffering to solving. Clients can learn to heal themselves.


My mission

The past 10 years have brought amazing life lessons. Several of them painful but significant. I learned to stand up for myself. I learned to stop listening to the wrong people and to stop accepting the lies. Life isn't about putting up with abusive behaviour but to know when to express your truth or to walk away. I found my own voice and inner strength - and so can you!

I love, live and walk the path of truth and I've learned it's the only way to a life of freedom. Now I am ready to assist others through their struggles and pain to help them find liberation and empowerment.

Come and join me on this journey and let's discover your untapped powers.

Your friend,

Sophie x



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