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Hello and welcome.
I hope you have a pleasant experience on this site. If not, please get in touch and let me know where I can improve!
I'm a sensitive psychic however my life purpose isn't to predict one's future (sorry). My purpose is to draw public awareness to emotional and mental abuse in relationships. My passion is to bring empathy, understanding and inspire positive change to people's lives. In a world of reverse psychology, confusion and endless mind games it's no wonder that relationships leave us feeling perplexed, drained and desperate. Being a survivor of domestic violence, I know how it feels to be emotionally and physically trapped in a hopeless situation. I've made the mistake of allowing the wrong people back into my life but I learned from those mistakes, and I know what works. Being able to identify which relationships have the potential to be transformed for the better is not an easy task, but that's where I can assist you.
I specialize in relationships however I also cover other areas as featured on my website. In any case, feel free to browse through my Blog, YouTube channel and FAQ's to get a flavour of how I work. 
Wishing you all the happiness and peace you deserve,
Sophie x


Don't allow others to dampen your enthusiasm or darken your soul. Dare to dream a little. Dare to think BIG!


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