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Please select from the following:


1 Question via EMAIL - £15

2 Questions via EMAIL - £25

3 Questions via EMAIL - £30


Simply purchase via PayPal, take a note of your receipt number then complete the "Submit Paid Email Enquiries" box below.

Please provide some brief background information (ideally less than 300 words) along with your concern(s). I will try to keep answers as detailed as possible in order for you to fully benefit from the service. Responses will be supplied as an audio file within 48 hours.

Together we can get to the heart of the matter and find solutions to help you move forward.

Sophie x

Burning Questions via EMAIL

Submit Paid Email Enquiries

Online Webchat via skype with INTUITIVE LIFE COACH SOPHIE 

Skype sessions are great for complex matters or for those who prefer a more personal and interactive experience.

It would be beneficial for you to jot down your concerns beforehand so we can cover off as much as possible.


Prices for appointments are as follows:


30 mins - £45.00

45 mins - £60.00

60 mins - £75.00


I only accept PayPal at the moment (although you can still pay through paypal as a guest and not register). Once payment is successful, you'll be directed to a booking page to secure an appointment. If you have any techical problems, please drop me a line via the "Contact Us" page.

A confirmation Email will be sent along with the booking time and my SKYPE username. Regular customers can benefit from discounted rates.

Wishing you a wonderful session.

Sophie x

One to one SKYPE sessions

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